Welcome to my site! I’m wedding photographer and dreamer based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I love shooting intimate weddings focused on fine details, natural scenery, and emotional experiences. Forget the manicured lawn and insincere posing; all I need is you, your love, and an epic backdrop to be remembered for a lifetime! I'm game to travel to mountain tops, waterfalls, tropical islands, and desert getaways (to name a few!) to capture your unique and perfect love story! My incredible husband Alex Michael is my love, best friend, and business partner. We've been married for 4 years now and find joy in hiking, Netflixing, shooting weddings, cooking, and watching Blazer games. 

Photography has been a passion of mine since taking a film class in high school! The process felt whimsical and daring--something that absolutely hooked me from the moment I took my very first photo. Shortly after meeting my husband, we realized photography was something we could do together to find happiness. We love to laugh with our clients and take a relaxed approach to shooting while naturally guiding your movements to avoid awkward posing. We are THERE for you every step of the way! 

Who am I looking for exactly? Adventurous couples near and far, madly in love and willing to walk the extra mile for the perfect backdrop! Please note I'm obsessed with blush florals, mountain tops, gymnastics, and the "golden hour".      

Still here?! Thank you so much for checking out Grace Helen Photography! Please visit the Contact Page for any questions or pricing inquiries--I would love to hear from you! My Instagram account is updated frequently, check it out here!

 Photographs by Alexandra Grace Photography