“I'm so thankful for Grace! Choosing a wedding photographer was of utmost importance to me, but I was very nervous to do so: I had so many wish list boxes to fill, and there is so much talent out there to choose from. I agonized over the decision for 2 months, and I am so incredibly happy I went with Grace! We had a very untraditional wedding-- we called it a "planned elopement"-- consisting of an intimate ceremony with just family in a remote, scenic location, followed by a reception half an hour away at an upscale restaurant. Although the logistics were unusual, we still wore the fancy gown and suit, I had an abundantly giant bouquet, etc. One of the things that drew me to Grace was her previous experience shooting adventurous weddings, and let me tell you, she was a rockstar! She traversed all kinds of terrain with us to get the perfect shots, touched up my makeup when no one else was around or prepared to do so, and was all around incredibly helpful and sweet. Even though we barely knew her, she felt like a friend who was there to help out and take incredible pictures all day, rather than someone we'd just hired for a task. I love her airy, enchanting style. She did an outstanding job capturing all the love that filled our day!”

-Elyse & Justin

“Grace perfectly captured our destination wedding in Charleston, SC. A true testament to Grace’s talent is how perfectly she captured the character of a city she visited for the first time for our wedding. Grace was a trooper as we walked through downtown Charleston to get specific shots and sites we wanted captured through the heat of the day and less than ideal lighting. Grace not only captured the city but also an authentic story of our relationship and wedding weekend through her photography. Grace’s talent allows us to enjoy the loveliest captured memories from our special day. Grace’s dedication to getting the perfect shot and scenery makes her stand out above the rest.”

-Leigha & Brian

“We LOVED working with Grace. She is a visionary with her photos, sweet as pie and so fun to work with. She will make you feel so comfortable and help position you for the most beautiful photos. Don’t know if your arm looks awkward? Grace will tell you how to hold your bouquet for the perfect pic. It was so fun getting to know her and getting comfortable during the engagement shoot she did with us - we adventured out to the gorge and had the best time on the very windy Rowena Crest! Having that rapport is so imporant on your wedding day during the craziness off the day! We highly recommend Grace. Her pictures are stunning and she is so fun to work with!”

-Erica & Brian

"Grace was such a blessing to have as our photographer. The whole experience, from the day of the shoot to the day we received the photos, was perfect. We immediately fell in love with every single picture and were blown away by the amount of talent she has. We were also grateful for the amount of hard work she put into the shoot. Each photo felt personalized and hand crafted to fit who we are as a couple. She captured us so well and gave us memories that will last forever. The amount of joy she has as an individual and the volume of time and energy she puts into each shoot, is reflected in her work. We highly recommend her to all couples looking for a photographer for their special day.

 -Heidi & Andrew

"My husband can be shy at times, but for our engagement shoot Grace was able break away the shyness and make him (and me too!) feel so comfortable; we had a blast posing for the camera! This is such an essential trait for any wedding photographer, because now when we look back at our engagement photos, not only are they very natural and un-staged, but we also have fond memories of the engagement shoot experience. This can also be said for our wedding photographs too! For our wedding, let me say that Grace and her husband shot for a full 8+ hours during our wedding AND it was 100 degrees outside for our outdoor wedding--so this was a very long day for them! Yet, I never once saw the falter. They were so professional, kind, and worked diligently to make sure we got all the shots we asked for. Even though most photographers can take several months to deliver edited work, Grace had our wedding photographs (roughly 800+ edited photos) back to us in about one month.  We even asked for a few of the best shots a couple weeks early so we could use them for our thank you cards, and she sent them to me within a day! I truly cannot speak more highly of Grace Helen Photography or of how pleased we are with our photographs--we will cherish these photographs for decades to come. She truly has a gift for photography, so book her before it's too late! "

-Jessica & Alex

“Our wedding was on an overcast day in mid-January. It rained off and on throughout the day. When it came time for pictures, it was still cold, cloudy, and drizzling. We took pictures around an outdoor space for more than an hour in these conditions, hoping the sun might eventually emerge. It never did. Because of this, we did not have particularly high expectations for our wedding pictures. When Grace sent us the pictures (less than two months later, I might add), we were blown away. They were beautifully done. Despite the darkness and dreariness of the day, the pictures were bright and full of color. Grace did an excellent job of choosing backgrounds and angles that made best use of our space and light. We were thrilled. Grace also took candid shots at our reception. Once again, despite the setting (a warehouse brewery) the pictures were well lit and brimming with energy. Months before this, we did an engagement shoot with Grace in more ideal conditions (the light of a gauzy sunset filtering through the evergreens). These also were beautiful. We were constantly astounded with Grace’s skill. As a bonus, Grace was consistently punctual and professional. We never had to worry that she would be where we needed her, on time and ready to go.”

Elizabeth & Brian

"My wedding is a day I will never forget. My husband and I are so pleased to have these beautiful wedding pictures, the photographer really did an amazing job at capturing us at the right moment. She knew exactly where to the perfect spots were to take pictures, paying attention to the smallest details that made our pictures look just right. The lighting was perfect, and she really captured the breathtaking expressions. Not only were the pictures amazing, but she didn't let the freezing temperature stop us from having the most beautiful wedding photos. I could not be more happy with the results. "

-Rachel & Liam

" My husband and I hired Grace Helen Photography to shoot our wedding in 2014. It was one of the best decisions we made in vendors. Every time I look through the photos Grace took, I'm taken back to the best day of my life thus far. She captured the moments and smiles I'm not sure many photographers can see. She listened to our requests and got our photos back in a professional and timely manner. We have recommended her to numerous friends, all of which have been equally happy. Her talent only continues to grow and we are blessed to be along for the ride!"

-Hilary & Josh

“My Husband-To-Be and I had never hired a professional photographer before and both were a bit nervous about being in front of the camera. We wanted to remember our special day and have pictures that we were proud to show our friends and family. Grace was everything that we could have asked for. She helped us to figure out what we could afford with our budget, was very flexible when we wanted to add a few more hours for the wedding day, and made everything feel easy. Grace captured stunning pictures for our engagement photos and I have received so many compliments on how beautiful the wedding pictures are. If we had to do it all over again, Grace is the only one that I could see as being our photographer.”

-Cayla & Bjorn

“Working with Grace is such a pleasure. From the drive to our designation to the last camera click, we had a great time! Grace made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. She was so good at directing us in a way that every image and moment and from the shoot came out looking natural and not over posed. It was a really fun experience working with Grace and we highly recommend her to all our friends.”

-Tara & Brett

“Where do I begin... Grace is amazing! I have had the privilege of working with her on multiple occasions now and every time I am blown away by her photography. She has a real talent and is so easy to work with! She is sweet, but will be honest in providing good direction if something isn't looking quite right. Our shoots have been fun and adventurous and I would recommend her to anyone looking for engagement and/or wedding photos!”

-Lyndsi & Henry

“We had a quick engagement, so I was nervous that she wouldn't be available on our date, but thank the Lord, she was! Not only was she our photographer, she was eager to help me with every single step of the way, from the planning, to the styling. Our engagement session at Pacific City was a dream, I grew up going there, and it has always been my favoriteplace to visit, but she made it an even more joyful experience and somehow made it even more beautiful with her magic! Our wedding was a simple farm wedding, but she was able to use the environment and the beautiful weather we were blessed with to make our wedding look like something out of a magazine. She was so patient with our seemingly never ending family members wanting photos, and wanting to chat with her about her career. She was able to sneak us off to do couples photos quickly enough that no one really missed us. Grace brings out the model in you, she is an absolute treasure, and will make you feel cherished on your special day! “

-Aubrey & Christopher