How many photos will we receive?

This depends! Each event is so unique in regards to weather, size, venue, etc. We typically deliver anywhere from 400-800 images per wedding, although no particular amount is guaranteed.

Should we hire a second photographer?

Absolutely yes! Second photographers are perfect for capturing a variety of different angels while helping to ensure the most important moments are captured. I commonly shoot with my incredible husband Alex and have been doing so for several years now. He has a degree in Digital Arts and is formally trained in photography.

Do you offer destination-wedding packages?

Absolutely yes! If I haven't made it clear we LOVE to travel and offer customized travel packages to suit your every wedding need. More information can be located under investment.

Can you shoot in different types of lighting (indoor/outdoor)?

Absolutely. We are highly experienced with shooting at indoor facilities, outdoor venues, in direct sunlight, etc. However, we’d love for you to know lighting is incredibly important! We depend primarily on natural light, so constructing a timeline with us will be important to determine what time of day will deliver the best light and the highest quality images. We also believe the best images are created when shooting couples/family portraits in outdoor lighting. At this time, we also are primarily accepting outdoor wedding venue inquiries.

What do “printing rights” mean? Does the photographer own rights to the photos?

Each client is granted “printing rights” or a print release when they receive their finished images—this means you are free to print the photos wherever you’d like and upload them to social media (remember to give credit!) However, the copyright to the photo remains with the photographer. This essentially means you cannot sell the photos or enter them into an exhibit/competition as work of your own. Simple!

How long until get our photos?

You can expect to receive your photos anywhere from 4-8 weeks after the event. This depends on the time of year and our current work load.

Where should we print our photos?

This is a wonderful question! Despite the fact that we will be providing you with high resolution images, where you print plays an important role in the overall quality and feel of your canvases/framed photos. As a member of the printing company White House Custom Color, I always offer my clients the option of ordering prints through my membership.  WHCC delivers premium quality prints, canvases, framed images, etc. for all your photo needs! We also have deluxe wedding albums available custom designed and ordered through us. Several packages offer a box of prints or an album as part of the deal so be sure to check those out!

Do you have suggestions for other vendors to use?

Yes! We have a handful of local wedding professionals we love to work with including local florists, hair/makeup artists, cake designers and more. Check out the contact section for more information.

Where can I find more information about pricing?

Fill out the form listed under “contact”  and inquire about wedding and portrait pricing!

How can we reserve you as our photographer?

You’ll need to complete and sign a Grace Helen Photography contract and submit a 50% retainer. The retainer is non-refundable and officially reserves your wedding date!